Fiction and literature from Goa… a 1996 article

Contrary to popular perception, there has been quite a significant quantity of Goan fictional works. Unfortunately, many books are out of print, and difficult to locate. This gives the impression that only a few have been published. The best place to find a wide range is at Panjim’s Central Library (Rare Books Section; Contact Lourdes Bravo da Costa or Mrs. Maria Pia.) They are expected to go on e-mail. Below is an incomplete listing, based on some of the books which I have access to.

MODERN GOAN SHORT STORIES. Luis S. Rita Vas. 1971. Jaico. Bombay. Pp 179

TALES & TELLERS OF GOA. V.S.Sukhtanker. 1974. Asian Trading Corporation, Bangalore. Rs 12.50. Pp 121.

LEGENDS OF THE KONKAN. Arthur Crawford. Reprint: 1987. Asian Educational Services, C-2/15 SDA PB 4534, Delhi 16.Pp 300. Rs 95.

SHORT STORIES. By Eulalia Alvares. No date. 276 pp. Rs 3.

THE RED-HEADED SHREW. Melanie Ruth. Daughters of St. Paul. 1986. Pp 96. Rs 7.50 (written by a Goan journalist, Melanie Ruth Sequeira)

GOA AND THE HUNGRY ONES. Asif Currimbhoy. Soraya Publishers, Bombay. 1964. Pp 171. Two plays, including one with 1961 as the backdrop, written by a Parsi playwright.

GATES OF FIRE. Elwyn Chamberlain. Fontana Collins. 5th impression 1987. 410 pp. UKP 3.95. Much of this steamy potboiler is based in Goa with a generous overdose of sex, drugs and corruption.

DESTINO: Poemas. Judit Beatriz de Souza. Imprensa Nacional, Goa 1955. 65 pp. Poems in Portuguese. (I managed to buy a copy for a couple of rupees, a few years ago, at the Govt. Printing Press, Panjim)

ANGELA’S GOAN IDENTITY. Carmo D’Souza. 147 pp. Rs 35.

TICHEA MORNNA UPRANT (After Her Death). Bonaventure D’Pietro. Pp 322. 1990. Rs 20. (Story of drugs, hippies and Anjuna. May be the Konkani equivalent of GOA FREAKS? Not sure!)

INDIAN NOCTURNE. Antonio Tabucchi. Chatto & Windus, London. UKP 11.95. Pp 92. 1988. Pisa-born author features Goa too in this “subtle, enigmatic novel”.

COLLECTED POEMS 1957-1987. Dom Moraes. Penguin Books India. 1987 Pp 167. Rs 55.

SORROWING LIES MY LAND. Lambert Mascarenhas. Goa Publications. 1970. Rs 15. Pp 179. Touching novel about conditions in colonial Goa, at the end of Portuguese rule. Written by a freedom fighter, and granted belated academic recognition of late. Now it is a text in Goa University. Author is former founder-editor of GOA TODAY.

TAMARIND LEAF. R.V.Pandit. Translated by Thomas Gay. Poems. Rs 6.50 May 1967. Poems. “Pandit mirrors the many-sided life of `his’ Goa. As a Goan, he knows
the tragic poverty that stalks beneath the waving palms, that lurks even in the Zamindar’s stately mansion.”

GOAN POETRY. Compiled by R.V.Pandit. Bhagawati Prakashan, Goa. 1976. Rs 15. Pp 73.

BORROWED TIME. Manohar Shetty. Praxis. 1988. Pp 56. Rs 35. Shetty is a former editor of GOA TODAY and poet. This is his second book of verse.

THE DAY BEFORE THE DAY AFTER. Dom Martin.Trans-Galactic Publications, USA. Library of congress: 85-52224. Pp 85. Dom Martin is a noted surrealist, and recipeint of numerous international awards and honorary doctorates. His paintings adorn the Bom Jesus art gallery.

LIGHTER THAN AIR. Armando Menezes. Dharwad, 1959. Library of Congress catalogue number 59-13989. Pp 127. Rs 3.50. Texts of talks broadcast from different stations of All India Radio, by the author who “hails from Goa, a perennial abode of natural loveliness”.

SELECTED POEMS. Manuel C. Rodrigues. Bombay 1978. Rs 10.

VOICES OF PEACE. R.V.Pandit. Bhagwati Prakashan, Goa. 1967. Rs 10.50.

LOADS: A BOOK OF POEMS. Remo Fernandes.1980 . Pop-star Remo’s book of critical verse, poems of emigration, and illustrations. “This book is dedicated to all Goans who have died frustrated in any way. May there be no more.”

APPRENTICE TO A LUNATIC. Short stories. C.S.Radhakarishnan. Grace Trust. Alto Porvorim. 1989. Rs 16. Pp 50.

ONE SIP AT A TIME. George Menezes. 1988. Better Yourself Books, Bandra, Bombay. ISBN 81-7108-063-4. Pp 295. Rs 45. “George Menezes is a living, walking, writing menace,” says M.V.Kamath, in his introduction to this collection of short sketches in humour.

THE GENERAL IS UP. Peter Nazarath. (A Novel Set in Modern Africa). Writers Workshop, Calcutta. 1984. Rs 80 (hardback) Rs 60 (flexiback). Pp 190. Something which no Goan who had anything to do with Africa can miss. A fictionalised version of Idi Amin’s Uganda and what it meant to Goans.

I EXIST: POEMS BY SANTAN RODRIGUES. Writers Workshop. 1976. Pp 41. The poet is a talented friend whom I invariably bump into near Churchgate; he works with the PR department of ColourChem, and our paths often cross — in the course of work, and literally!

NEW POEMS 1985. F.N.Souza. 1985. Bombay. F.N.Souza is one of Goa’s prominent painters (148 West 67th Street, New York, 10023, USA). Some time back, INDIAN EXPRESS carried a full-page article on him, in its magazine section, headlined “Now that Picasso’s dead, I’m the world’s greatest…” or something to that effect.

THE SURROGATE WITNESS. Dinesh Bharne. Rs 7. Pp 8. 1987. A lawyer presents a 15-minute skit based on a courtroom scene.

A LITERATURA INDO-PORTUGUESE. By Vimala Devi and Manuel de Seabra. Lisboa, 1971. Junta de Investigacoes do Ultramar. Pp 367. Text in Portuguese.

THE MANGO AND THE TAMARIND TREE: A NOVEL OF GOA. Leslie de Noronha. 1970. Writers’ Workshop, Calcutta. Pp 236.

STORIES. Leslie de Noronha. Writers’ Workshop, Calcutta, 1966. Pp 76

GLAD SEASONS IN GOA. Frank Simoes. Viking, Delhi. 1994. Rs 295. Pp 317. Begins as the story of Simoes’ labours to find a “perfect acre by the sea”, but eventually became one Goan’s discovery of his idyllic native land and its passionate, inquisitive, hospitable inhabitants.

POEMS. Leslie de Noronha. Writers’ Workshop, Calcutta. 1975. Rs 20.

A BRUTAL SUNSET. Bob D’Costa. A first volume of verse. Writers’ Workshop, Calcutta. 1982. Pp 46. D’Costa was a 22 year old teacher in Calcutta at the time this volume was published.

GOA: Asif Currimbhoy. A Tragedy in Two Acts. 2nd Edition. Writers’ Workshop, Calcutta. 1982. Rs 150. Pp 132.

I EXIST: Santan Rodrigues. Poems. Writers’ Workshop, Calcutta. Pp 41.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. Bob D’Costa. Writers’ Workshop, Calcutta. Rs 40. 1985. Pp 31.

MANGO MOODS. Sharmila Kamat. 1995. Pp 114. Rs 75. Ms. Kamat, who teacher Physics at Dhempe College in Panjim, was a colleague and her contributions have appeared in a range of publications. She writes for FEMINA from Goa, and specialises in satrical pieces.

THE THIRD WORLD WRITER: HIS SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Peter Nazareth. Kenya Literature Bureau. 1978. Pp 171. Rs 60. Included in this list since the author is from Goa. He is also author of LITERATURE AND SOCIETY IN AFRICA, IN A BROWN MANTLE and TWO RADIO PLAYS, published by the East African Literature Bureau.

IN THE WOMB OF SAUDADE: STORIES OF GOAN LIFE. Lambert Mascarenhas (illustrated by Mario Miranda). Rupa, Delhi. 1994. Rs 80. Pp 239.

TOMORROW ARRIVES TODAY! C.S.Radhakrishnan. Grace Trust, Alto Porvorim. Rs 25. 1988. Pp 58.

DOWN THE ARCHES OF THE YEARS. Bailon de Sa. 1995. Rs 150. Pp 70. Poems by a former chief technical advisor of UNESCO, and ex-acting vice chancellor of the University of Cape Coast in Ghana.

THE GREATER TRAGEDY. Lambert Mascarenhas. 1988. Pp 84. Rs 25. Mascarenhas, ex founder-editor of GOA TODAY, presents this play as a sequel to SORROWING LIES MY LAND, and, its objective is to project the names of many freedom fighters of Goa.

GOAN VIGNETTES and other poems. Ashok Mahajan. OUP, Bombay, 1986. Pp 64. Rs 25. “The second section focuses on the attractively distinct culture and iridescent landscapes of Goa.” Mahajan is a telecommunications engineer in the Indian Army.

NIGHT CHASERS & OTHER POEMS. Roy Albuquerque. Pp 12. The author is (was?) a PR manager of Hindustan Diamond Co Ltd.

SHAPITH SURYA (ACCURSED SUN). Dadu Mandrekar. 1991. Rs 60. Pp 134. Poems by one of Goa’s most prominent Dalit activists, who has been campaigning for the rights of the former untouchable castes.

TIATR: MOVHILL VIKH & SAMAJ SEVA. (Tiatrs: Sweet Poison & Social Service). Tomazinho Cardozo. Amar Prakashan, Candolim. 1992. Pp 68. Rs 25. Two plays penned by the politician who is now the Speaker of the Goa Assembly! Movall Vikh is a particularly biting critique of the impact of tourism on Goa, and is written by someone no less than a former sarpanch of a village in the thick of the tourism book (Candolim).

EK DEVACHO MONIS. R.V.Zuarkar. Rs 4.50 Pp 71. 1970. A Konkani translation of Moliere’s play TARTUFFE.

ON A GOAN BEACH. Remegio Botelho. A Novel. 1994. Rs 90. Pp 181. “An Indian expatraite returns to his roots and finds that his seaside village of Anjuna has grown into a hippie paradise. What follows is a story of drug-addicts, drug peddlers, drug-traffickers and unmarried love…..” Other novels by the same author: ESTINATION GOA and GOA OF THE GODS.

GOLDEN GOA! Joseph Furtado. 1938. Rs 3-0-0. Pp 233. Probably one of the earliest novels in English on Goa, by a writer from the village of Pilerne (Bardez). His other works include A GOAN FIDDLER, PRIMEIROS VERSOS, etc.

BHURGIM AMCHI GIRESTKAI. (Children, Our Wealth). Tomazinho Cardozo. Omor Prakashan, Candolim. 1985. Rs 15. Pp 60.

KANTTECH KANTTE. (THORNS AND MORE THORNS). Tomazinho Cardozo. Omor Prakashan. 1981. Written by Goa Assembly’s Speaker.

THE RED-HEADED SHREW. Melanie Ruth. Daughters of St. Paul, Bombay. 1986. Pp 96. Book for children written by a Goan journalist, Melanie Ruth Sequeira of Raia.

53. JOURNAL OF SOUTH ASIAN LITERATURE, Asian Studies Centre, Michigan State University, Winter-Spring 1983 Vol XVIII No.1 is a very useful compilation of a wider range of Goan-related writing, edited by Peter Nazareth. It contains extracts from Novels (including THE MANGO AND THE TAMARIND TREE, O SIGNO DA IRA, SORROWING LIES MY LAND and IN A BROWN MANTLE). Also included are essays, poems, short stories (by emigrants too), background essays (on caste, the Portuguese language and Goans, dances of Goa, even a “portrait of a hog”), short stories, `exile-based’ essays, one-act plays and a bibliography. A wide selection indeed, and it was one of the first books which impressed me about the need to collect writings on Goa! In addition to the above titles in English, there are scores of books published in Konkani. I would be grateful if any Goa-Netter could supply me with details of other books published on Goa.

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