Sonia’s book, The Girl

Sonia Faleiro 

Sonia Faleiro faleiro_s at or sonia at has just released a novel, The Girl, this month. More information is on her website Looking forward to seeing the same…

The Girl - Cover

About the writer: Sonia Faleiro was born in Goa, and has lived in New Delhi and Edinburgh. She is currently based in Mumbai where she works as a journalist and fiction writer. The Girl (Viking) is her first novel. A short story, Stupid, is featured in First Proof : The Penguin Book of New Writing From India II (July, 2006). Her short story Outkast D’Souza appears in Reflected in Water: Writings on Goa ( November, 2006). Sonia is Writer-at-Large, Tehelka and Contributing Editor, Vogue. She is working on her second book.

Check an author-reader here:

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