Career books … coming out of Goa


In these days of competitiveness, when the world throws open a range of opportunities, are students in Goa geared up to seize them? At times when parents are willing to pay upto Rs 35,000 as annual fees for primary school, we could do with a better range of career opportunities at the adolescent level.

Two Goa books on careers made it to the bookshops recently. One was ex-Gomantak Times journalist Ilidio de Noronha’s “<span style=”font-style:italic;”>Careers: The Complete Guide</span>” (Pp 178, Rs 150, Plus Publications, 2464687) and the other is “<span style=”font-style:italic;”>Choose Your Very Own Career: A Guide for Students, Parents and Teachers</span>” (Pp 617, Rs 65, Basil D’Cunha).

The latter is an English-Konkani book. Both carry advertisements, making their prices more affordable to the young, who would obviously be their main target audience. Question is: will such books, which contain a whole lot of useful information, reach to the educators, students, parents, and school libraries — that can make better use of them?

While everyone gets worked out about “non-Goans” entering the State, and the buy-out of Goa’s land resources, we don’t seem as concerned about ensuring that our kids are competitive enough to take on the bigger world. Books like these are a welcome addition to those published in Goa. Feedback welcome:, 832-2409490 or +91-9970157402 after 1 pm please.

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