A Goan Harry Potter?

“Do you have a book about the Goan Harry Potter, or something of that kind?” I head a curious parent enquire at the bookshop the other day.

Though I’m no addict of the idiot box, I chanced upon  news item on the one of the cable TV channels about the release of Odette Mascarenhas’ ‘Alfie Alphonso: The Search for the Mystical Crystal’.

Of course, when the parent in question enquired, absent-minded me had clean forgotten the title. The bookseller tried to be helpful, searched all over, but infact couldn’t locate a copy.

That’s the tragedy of Goan books. Hardly noticed when published (the cable TV report for this one was an exception), and usually out-of-print or unavailable by the time the demand picks up.

Part of the problem is the scattered nature of the Goan market. The other part is that the printed word doesn’t make news. But isn’t the most severe part of the problem is simply the fact that, as a society, we don’t believe too strongly in investing in the printed word?

So, can we change things, even if in a very small measure? If you’re interested in reading this column, I’ll write it….

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