Bad news, good news… from BookWorm

The other day, my four-year-old Aren got his first letter in his life. He was very excited about it. This letter was also addressed to his elder sister, but somehow Aren’s name was mentioned on the envelope.

It didn’t bother him too much that the letter contained bad news. It came from BookWorm in Porvorim, the innovative place that is meant to encourage children to read is closing down. The people running it — Elaine, Sujata and team — tried hard to keep it going.

On the other hand, all is not lost. Panjim’s BookWorm continues its activities. And it’s a very lively place. If you want to get there, just ask anyone around the Sant Inez Church locality. Or look for the big board outside the flat.

For one, I would not hesitate to recommend their Rs 100-per-month fare that gives your child stories, activities, toys and a safe place to keep busy at between 3 to 7 pm on weekdays. Apart from that vital nourishment for the mind, of course.

Another bit of good news comes from Saligao. Late ad-man Frank Simoes’ widow Gita has taken a lot of trouble to support the work done by Giselle Lobo and team at Saligao.

The local Institute at the Arrarim locality of the village has a brand-new reading room for kids, tastefully done up. A good example of what philanthrophy can do when merged with good intentions… and a vision. More villages could learn from such examples, specially the 5 pm ’story hour’ for kids held there on Wednesdays, and the daily library activities (again, for children).

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