Latest 10 Goa-related books on the stands

  [List as made available by Broadways Book Centre, Sant Inez]

  • Tales from the Attic (Savia Viegas)  Xaxtti Foundation, 2007 Rs 200
  • The Mahmai’s and Goa’s Neighbours: Commercial LInks and  Allied Interests (Dr S K Mhamai, ed). 191 pp. Rs 300. 2007
  • Domnic’s Goa (Domnic Fernandes)   Pp 247. Rs 350, April 2007
  • My Journey (Tomazinho Cardozo)  Pp 261. Rs 200. 2007
  • Fragments (Darren Christopher Pereira)  Poetry. Pp 56. 2007.
  • Careers: The Complete Guide (Plus Publications)  Rs 150, pp 178, 2e 2007
  • The Goan Catholic Wedding Guide  Pp 84 Rs 100.
  • Snapshots of Indo-Portuguese History 1: Pangim  (Vasco Pinho)  Rs 350, pp 132. Hb
  • Guardian of The Dawn (Richard Zimlers)  UKP 5.95 (Rs 450) Pp 371  Fiction, set in Goa and the Inquisition  2005, recently received in Goa
  • Walking with Angels (Heta Pandit, photography Tushar Rao)  Pp 152, Hb, large size. Rs 2400

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