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In mid-July, one ran into Ingrid Valles Po of Parra. She’s part of one of the alumni networks (St Mary’s) at Mapusa. Currently, Ingrid is the Assignments Editor at Motivate Publishing in Dubai. Check it out via the web at http://www.motivatepublishing.com

Ingrid has an interesting story to narrate about her workplace. This firm, set up in the late 1970s, by a Brit in the Gulf, and has since grown into an ambitious venture employing 250+ persons.

She explained about the large number of magazines the firm brought out — with names like What’s On, Hello!, Gulf Business, Middle East MICE & Events, Society Dubai, Emirates Woman, Emibrates Bride, Open and a number of inflight mags for various airlines.

Not surprisingly, besides Mangaloreans and South Indians, there are quite a few Goans working in that publishing firm too. Obviously, this is a field where we, in this State, do have a lot of skills. This gives us an opportunity to enter the filed, and to consolidate our potential in it.

Book publishing is booming across India. Literacy is growing, so are markets, and English-language skills. But are we in Goa encouraging our youth to get access to the professions of writing, publishing and all the related fields? To be good writers, they need to be eager readers too. Else, as the saying goes, it’s just the case of garbage-in, garbage-out.

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