Ten Goa books by, and for, children

The Bridge At Borim
By Surekha Panandikar
Price: Rs. 14
Pp 79 /(1999)
A fascinating tale of the exploits of a young boy, Joze,
during the struggle for Goa’s liberation from Portuguese
rule. (Available from: OIBS, Mapusa)

Alfie Alphonso: The search for the mystical Crystal
By Odette Mascarenhas
Price: Rs. 175
Pp337 (2006)
Ever since Harry Potter became a phenomenon, more and more writers are trying their hand at the imaginary. Odette Mascarenhas has penned a story of a fairy godmother who enters the desolate world of a young Goan lad from Aldona village and transports him to the World of Magic where he tries to outwit the Dark Lord of Magic and his cohorts who are hell bent on preventing him from finding the Mystical Crystal. Will this book capture the imagination as did Potter? Recently published, it is too soon to tell. (OIBS)

The Sea Bird
By Mangala Anaveker
Price: Rs. 100
Pp 84 (2001)
A tale set in Goa, this book offers reflections on life interspersed in a fairly interesting narrative

Free From School
By Rahul Alvares
Price: Rs. 100
Pp.112 (1999)
Sixteen-year-old snake-loving Goan, Rahul Alvares, opted out of school for a year, to unravel for himself the mysteries of nature’s wonders reptiles, crocodiles, spiders, earthworms and turtles. This book reports Rahul’s thrilling real-life learning, which students and teachers will find enormously engrossing.

The Portrait
By Frederika Menezes
Price: Rs. 100
Pp.81 (1998)
Sensitive thoughts, ideas and oodles of humour by a young, bubbly spastic. She translates them in poems, which show a remarkable maturity as she shares with the reader her pain, dreams and cheer.

The Pepperns & Wars of the Mind
By Frederika Menezes
Price: Rs. 200
Pp 173 (2003)
A whimsical tale of a world wholly of the imagination authored by a young Goan girl.

Rebecca’s Inheritance
By Sushila Fonseca
Price: Rs. 55
Pp 189 (2002)
An adventure story set in Goa.

Elocution Pieces For Students
By Anita Pinto
Price: Rs. 25
Book 1: Pp. 102 (1995)
Poems and speeches for students of all ages to recite and declaim

Mathematics Manual For Children
By Pratap Naik
Price: Rs. 25
Pp.43 (1996)
Learn arithmetic in Konkani with English translations. Simple steps.

Aquaworld: The environment and ecosystems of coastal goa
By Theresa Almeida
Price: Rs. 270
Pp.267 (1998) LF
A resource book and activity guide.

Source: http://www.otherindiabookstore.com/index.jsp

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