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On his sixtieth birthday, Rajan Narayan’s wife Tara compiled some 60 editorials he wrote over the years. These are from his Stray Thoughts series, and go back right to the 1980s.  This column incidentally featured in the Herald for some two decades each Sunday, before shifting to a two-page spread in his ‘Goan Observer’ tabloid, started in 2003.

Some read strangely familiar. These are all related to events that happened in Goa, or Narayan’s interpretation of them.

Stray Thoughts, as his readers know, is a gossipy mix of comment, interpretation, misinterpretation and typos. It also gives a different perspective on Goa, and is also usually bold in saying what the other sections of the press wouldn’t dare to.

This is a very personalised story of a changing Goa. It includes the travails of finding medicine on a Sunday. MGP politics of the 1980s. A dog-shaped tabletop mascot being stolen from the editor’s office. His ire at a non-Catholic not being able to become the god-father of a Catholic child. A complaint that Mario Miranda wasn’t taking him (the editor) on a “guided tour of Loutolim”. And much, much more.

’60 Stray Thoughts 1983-2007′ is a 400-page book, reasonably priced at Rs 200, and published by the Rajan Narayan Felicitation Committee of La Campala Colony. It’s available in major bookshops here, including Broadway’s. Whether one is a fan of Narayan’s writing or not, it’s an interesting read.

It’s not just trivia though. There’s a mix of tongue-in-cheek writing, ire directed at politicians, and a record of events in Goa from a particularly Rajanesque point of view.

Builder and chairman of the Rajan Narayan Felicitation Committee 2007, Anil Counto has this to write: “Rajan, though a non-Goan (“bhailo”, as he is called) has always fought throughout his life for social issues concerning Goans.”

Well, that’s a different debate. But this is an interesting book.

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