From Bookworm… a jumble-sale in Feb 2008

Just got this note from Elaine and Sujata at  :

Bookworm jumble sale

Our second annual fund raising jumble drive is on. Please clear out, clean up and pass the word around.We will hold the jumble event at a park in the St. Mary’s Colony, near Stella Maris Chapel (accessible from D B Marg, via the lane off the Reading Habit) . We hope to have the area signposted and posters out in time to allow everyone to keep  Sunday, February 24, 2008 free. ( 9.30 am- 5.00 pm).

As last year, we promise you a great day out. Loads of good jumble, games and fun activities for the children and food and snacks to keep us all in good cheer. We welcome volunteers  for collecting, sorting and selling stuff. Help, ideas and suggestions are most appreciated. As most of you are aware, money raised through this jumble goes towards our BOOK TREASURY, which presently supports 26 boxes out in schools and growing. Thank you for allowing so many children to read, grow and learn.

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