Looking at another side of Goa

picturepostcardpoverty by you.

Goa is often subsumed in media-driven clichés of being a beach-sun-and-fun place. The dominant image we are left with is of a State on permanent holiday, urbanised and inhabited by a Westernised middle-class. This reality too does exist in pockets, but its dominant project sidetracks a range of other issues. Social activist Kalanand Mani and journalist Frederick Noronha focus on concerns emerging from the farm and field, and tell the story of a Goa often overlooked. For this task, they lean on the work of the Madkai (Ponda)-based Peaceful Society, which completes a quarter century of encountering rural Goa. They track other work focussing on the concerns of the poor, in a way that seeks to build a closer understanding of Goa’s heartland.

Table of Contents

Into the forests, issues of the people
Poor health, rural Goa’s hidden enemy
Liquor is quicker, a way to fast death
No protein, vanishing fish, wasted subsidies
Caste, an old story seldom told
Mining, Goa’s `backbone’, extracts a high price
Goa years: re-learning the politics of activism
Revisiting Baina: a forgotten chapter
It pours, it rains… water still a neglected issue
From the grassroots, it’s more than politics
Goa women: still a long way away
Infrastructure: beyond dry numbers

ISBN 978-81-905682-8-9

Goa 1556 is an alternative publishing venture, named after the accidental arrival of Asia’s first Gutenberg-inspired printing press here. Today, more than ever, Goa needs a voice to help understand itself and articulate its own priorities. Other publications of Goa1556: Songs of the Survivors (stories about Goans in Burma, edited by Yvonne Vaz-Ezdani, 2007), In Black And ite: Insiders’ Stories About the Press in Goa (2008), and Girls In Green (alumni writings from St Mary’s, Mapusa, 2008). See http://goa1556books.notlong.com


Price: Rs. 150 in India.  Pp 126 + iv
Overseas US$ 10 or Euro 8 or UKP 6.50

Published in November 2008 by Goa
1556, 784, Sonarbhat, Saligao 403511 Bardez Goa, India. 

http://goa1556.goa-india.org or goa1556@gmail.com +91-832-2409490.
Cover design by Bina Nayak http://www.binanayak.com
Photo credits: FN and  Peaceful Society peacefulsociety.org archives
Distributor: Broadway Book Centre, Ashirwad, 18th June Rd, Panjim  403001. Ph/fax 6647038. http://broadwaybooksgoa.com
Printed and bound in India by Rama Harmalkar, 9326102225

Typeset using LyX, http://www.lyx.org
Text set in Computer Modern Roman, 11 point.

Licence: Creative Commons 3.0, non-commercial,  attribution. May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, with attribution. This is a beyond-copyrights book.


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    I would like to buy the 2nd edition of “Family and Succession Law in the Portuguese Civil Code of 1867: A 21st Century Approach. Where can I buy this book?

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