‘Chronicler of Siolim’ passes away

From today’s Gomantak Times

siolim.JPG by you.
‘Chronicler of Siolim’ passes away

GT NEWSROOM: Sebastian D’Cruz, popularly known as the ‘Chronicler of Siolim’, died early Monday morning, September 7.

The researcher-writer-musician brought out his first publication ‘Know The Parish and Village of Siolim’ in 1982.

Sebastian, fondly remembered as ‘Club Uncle’ for having worked as a caretaker of the famed Football Club of Siolim for two decades, also published ‘The History of the Siolim Church’, ‘Parish and Village of Siolim’, ‘The Churches of Bardez’, ‘The Life of St Anthony and Siolim’ and other publications, which included two highlighting the celebrations of the Sao Joao feast in the village. Continue reading

Images from the release of the Medieval Goa

Images from the release of the Medieval Goa book: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fn-goa/sets/72157621978256223/

Medieval Goa release by fredericknoronha.

153 photos | 728 views Above, the audience

Medieval Goa book release function by fredericknoronha.

Above, part of the panel of historians: Dr Fatima Gracias, Dr Charles Borges, Dr Ms Maria Aurora Couto and author Dr Teotonio R de Souza (partly visible)

Medieval Goa book release function by fredericknoronha.

The author and Dr Couto. Others partly seen are Sushila Sawant-Mendes (right) and Dr/Fr Charles Borges sj (left)

Medieval Goa book release by fredericknoronha.

The author with Goa University VC Dr Dileep Deobagkar.

PS: Don’t believe all I have to say (or click) on this. Goa,1556 — which I am associated with — has co-published this book!

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Goa books… a (belated) 2007 or 2008 listing

This is a 2008 or 2007 listing of Goa books then available. FN

Latest 10 Goa-related books on the stands
[List as made available by Broadways Book Centre, Sant Inez]

* Tales from the Attic (Savia Viegas)
 Xaxtti Foundation, 2007 Rs 200

* The Mahmai’s and Goa’s Neighbours: Commercial LInks and
 Allied Interests (Dr S K Mhamai, ed).
 191 pp. Rs 300. 2007

* Domnic’s Goa (Domnic Fernandes)
 Pp 247. Rs 350, April 2007

* My Journey (Tomazinho Cardozo)
 Pp 261. Rs 200. 2007

* Fragments (Darren Christopher Pereira)
 Poetry. Pp 56. 2007.

* Careers: The Complete Guide (Plus Publications)
 Rs 150, pp 178, 2e 2007

* The Goan Catholic Wedding Guide
 Pp 84 Rs 100.

* Snapshots of Indo-Portuguese History 1: Pangim
 (Vasco Pinho)  Rs 350, pp 132. Hb

* Guardian of The Dawn (Richard Zimlers)
 UKP 5.95 (Rs 450) Pp 371
 Fiction, set in Goa and the Inquisition
 2005, recently received in Goa

* Walking with Angels (Heta Pandit, photography Tushar Rao)
 Pp 152, Hb, large size. Rs 2400

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Rare books on display at Directorate of Archives (2008, Herald, Panjim)


Historie Der Inquisite Tot Goa by Pieter Mortier (1697) is amongst the oldest books at the exhibition of rare books by the Directorate of Archives and Archaeology as part of the National Book Week that ends on November 20.

The books on display are from the reference library of the archives department and Historie is one amongst its collection of approximately 55,000 books and date back to the 18th, 19 and 20th centuries. Majority of the books are in Portuguese, French, English, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani. Historie gives the narration of the Portuguese inquisition in Goa.

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Goa’s claim: India’s first e-law library opens

From the Herald (probably 2008)

India’s first e-law library opens

PANJIM, SEPT 20 — The first ever IT/e-law library in the country was inaugurated by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat on Saturday in the presence of luminaries from the judiciary in the conference hall at the High Court of Bombay at Goa, here.   

The distinction of opening of the said library goes to the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa, which is the biggest among all bar councils in the nation.
Kamat, who was the chief guest, said the e-library would serve as a model for other bar councils in the country to follow suit. Justice has to reach the common man and if this concept succeeds in giving justice then only we can say it is working, he mentioned.

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