Some of my favourite… Goa books

A slightly-edited note of what I recently posted to the GoaWriters group, in response to a question of some of my favourite Goa-related books.

  • Goan Literature: A Modern Reader. Peter Nazareth (ed)
  • Of umbrellas, goddesses & dreams. Essays on Goa by Robert S. Newman
  • Between Empires, Rochelle Pinto
  • A History Of Konkani Literature: Manoharrai Sardessai
  • Domnic’s Goa by Domnic Fernandes
  • Tivolem by Victor Rangel-Ribeiro
  • Goa a Daughter’s Story by Maria Aurora Couto
  • Parmal, past and present issues. Prava Rai, ed.
  • Ethnography of Goa, Daman and Diu Tr: MA Couto. AB De Braganca Pereira
  • Fish, Curry and Rice. Claude Alvares (ed)
  • Profile of Eminent Goans. J. Clement Vaz
  • Sorrowing Lies My Land. Lambert Mascarenhas.
  • The Transforming of Goa. Norman Dantas (ed)
  • Sinners and Saints: The successors of Vasco Da Gama. Sanjay Subrahmanyam
  • The General is Up. Peter Nazareth
  • Goa Remembered: Vignettes of Fading Traditions. Agnelo Pereira
  • Reflected in Water: Writings on Goa.  Jerry Pinto (ed)
  • Goa in the 20th Century. Pius Malekandathil (ed)/Remy Dias

Check the Goa-books sections at (Broadway) or (OIBS, Mapusa). They have fairly elaborate lists of Goa-related (mostly English focussed) books-in-print available with them. For obvious reasons, books are more affordable if purchased (in Rupee prices) in Goa itself.

And some more additional details:

Manoharrai Sardessai’s Sahitya Akademi-published book is a steal at Rs 160. You can find part of the book free for an online read at Google books:

The General is Up is one of the Goa-related books hidden away at the P. Lal-run Writer’s Workshop of Kolkata. Waiting to be bought and stocked for sale in Goa itself! Available at 25% discount, cash down for wholesalers, but the freight has to be borne by the buyer, Lal told me recently. I think the OIBS at Mapusa also has Peter Nazareth.

When Agnelo Pereira’s hb book was published nearly a decade ago, I thought it was a bit overpriced at Rs 300. Now it’s good value for money. Fascinating illustrations of the Goa that was in the yesteryears. It’s available at the OIBS too.

Goa in the 20th century, another good book (has essays on Emissora de Goa and even the student movement of the 1970s-1990s) can be got from the Institute Menezes Braganza. I don’t know why institutions simply hand over the job of book-selling… to booksellers!

PS: This list is incomplete. Looking for the list of other people’s favourites too…. I have also kept out of the list some of the books which I have been involved with (except Domnic’s Goa and Jerry Pinto’s) for obvious reasons….

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