‘Chronicler of Siolim’ passes away

From today’s Gomantak Times

siolim.JPG by you.
‘Chronicler of Siolim’ passes away

GT NEWSROOM: Sebastian D’Cruz, popularly known as the ‘Chronicler of Siolim’, died early Monday morning, September 7.

The researcher-writer-musician brought out his first publication ‘Know The Parish and Village of Siolim’ in 1982.

Sebastian, fondly remembered as ‘Club Uncle’ for having worked as a caretaker of the famed Football Club of Siolim for two decades, also published ‘The History of the Siolim Church’, ‘Parish and Village of Siolim’, ‘The Churches of Bardez’, ‘The Life of St Anthony and Siolim’ and other publications, which included two highlighting the celebrations of the Sao Joao feast in the village.

Since 1982, the year of the platinum jubilee of the St. Anthony’s Church, Sebastiao would set up a stall selling his own books besides other religious books and items at the church gate unfailingly every Tuesday for St Anthony’s novenas.

In his death, the village loses a multi-faceted person, who was a writer, publisher, musician, sportsman, choir-master, sacristian, interior decorator, painter, caretaker, historian and researcher.

Sebastian leaves behind his wife and five children. The funeral service will be held on September 9 at St Anthony’s Church at 3 pm. [Source Gomantak Times,  Sept 8, 2009, Page 4]

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