Central Library to be shifted to Rs 32-cr, 6- storey premises at Patto (Navhind Times)

Published by THE NAVHIND TIMES on: May 11, 2011 – 01:37

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PANAJI: A repository of knowledge since 1832, the Central Library formally known as ‘Biblioteca Nacional de Goa’ will soon move to a new, Rs 32 crore state-of-the-art building at Patto, and will be rechristened as Krishnadas Shama State Central Library.

The work of transporting the books and other material from the present location of the library in the Menezes Braganza building has already started and is expected to be complete in a month’s time. The new 6-storeyed library building having an area of 13,369 sq mt is expected to be inaugurated on June 18, the Goa Revolution Day.
Meanwhile, the new library building is almost ready with an audio-visual section for children, two music rooms, one recording room, one studio room and a multi-purpose hall for 200 persons, among other facilities.
The new library building will also separate sections for Hindi, Konkani and Marathi books, besides a Braille section for blind readers. Furthermore, it will have a reference section, a photography laboratory, book scanner, binding section, microfilm reading section, and a new book-drop system, wherein if a reader arrives at the library after closing hours, he will be able to deposit the book in this system that will receive it automatically and update the records.
Presently, the new library premises is being given finishing touches as also cleaned and readied for inauguration. The Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation is expected to hand over the new library building to the directorate of art and culture by
May 15.
The highly placed GSIDC sources maintained that the entire building is air-conditioned, and special arrangements have been made to control the humidity in the premises, as favourable for the maintenance of books.
“The office of the directorate of art and culture will be set up on the ground floor of the building, while the second floor will have research and study wings,” the sources maintained, adding that the reading rooms would be made available on the third and fourth floors. It was also informed that books will be stored on the fifth and sixth floor.
The highlight of the state-of-the-art edifice will be the introduction of Lipsis System, which is a library management software connecting all government libraries in Goa to the Central Library. Any member of the library will be able to log on to the library website from home and check whether it has a particular book and whether thatbook is present in the library shelf or on circulation.
A total of 307 computers will be installed in the new Central Library building, with 60 computers to be exclusively used for internet surfing by the public – 48 computers for adults and 12 computers for children. In all, 115 closed circuit television cameras will maintain surveillance over the library premises, while other hi-tech features including an electronic de-humidifier system will maintain uniform humidity in the library, a ‘Dumb-waiter’ system will help in shifting of books from floor to floor through a lift, and a wall-sized television will entertain young readers in the children’s section.
It is expected that the Central Library in its new premises will remain open for the public from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. There are also plans to keep the library open on Saturdays, Sundays and even on holidays, in the next phase of planning.
The library, in the future will have over 5 lakh books, besides making available 200 magazines and 20 newspapers for the readers.

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