Os Brahamanes (romance)

Francisco Luís Gomes’ novel is available online.
Incidentally, it has been seen [http://1857revolt.wordpress.com/2010/09/07/titles-in-portuguese/] as one of the three titles in Portuguese which count as a response “in Europe” to the 1857 revolt in North India. The other two are Dr Felix Maynard’s translated work De Delhi a Cawnpore : diario de uma senhora ingleza : paginas da insurreição da India, and Canto do Indio; in: Poesias de Ernesto Cibrão, 1857-1860, Paris 1861.
Gomes’ work in Portuguese is at:
Thanks to Dale Menezes for the link.

Sandra Lobo commented, via Goa-Research-Net:

That is a very interesting information Frederick. I’ve never heard of this Ernesto Cibrão, so I do think it would be worth researching about him.

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