New from Goa,1556: The General Is Up… Goa Found and Imagined… Mirrored Reflections

Soon reaching a bookshop near you (in Goa) or available via mail-order worldwide:

The General Is Up.

Peter Nazareth’s. 3rd edition.

THE GENERAL IS UP a novel by Peter Nazareth. Nazareth traces his roots to Moira (Goa), Singapore, East Africa and is now a Professor at Iowa (US). A finely-crafted work set in the Africa of the 1970s and the Goan community there. First published a generation ago by Writer’s Workshop, Calcutta, and then in an edition from TSAR Books, Canada. Now available for the first time in Goa. Pp 172. Rs 200. Pb. See

GOA FOUND AND IMAGINED:  Young Swedish professionals and researchers who

Goa -- Found and Imagined.

Goa… as seen by Swedish young professionals.

visited Goa recently came not as mere tourists, but to attempt to understand the place and imagine where this tiny region’s strengths could take it. “Although their richness was far too deep and complex for us to embrace and to claim that we had become more than just acquainted with, we were struck by the Goans’ love for and engagement with their land,” say the Swedish co-authors of this book. See cover below.

Mirrorred Reflections.

A cardiologist’s verse.

MIRRORED REFLECTIONS. A book of verse. By the US-based cardiologist-writer Antonio Gomes. He takes the reader on a voyage in verse that traverses the globe – from Goa (India) to Staten Island (NY), the Algarve in Portugal, Rio in Brazil, the Asturias in Spain, Caracas in Venezuela, and Yagamata in Japan.

Contact: The latter two books available already at Golden Heart (Margao), Broadway (Panjim), OIBS (Mapusa).

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