Mirrored Reflections … a review by Ben Antao

It’s interesting to note that many professional doctors today find time and energy to dabble into fiction and poetry as if after a long day in the intensive care unit the doctor needs to unwind with his imagination exploring the subtleties and mysteries of love through the medium of poetry. Such a doctor is Antonio Gomes, 68, a cardiologist at The Mount Sinai Medical Centre in New York, who has now come out with a collection of poems titled Mirrored Reflections published in Goa, India. I say now because three years ago he’d published a novel The Sting of Peppercorns (2010), a story about spices and romance unfolding in the author’s village of Loutolim in Goa.

In this latest poetic effort, Antonio lays bare his soul and his heart for the entire world to see, a brave move that only a deeply conscious and confident man would care to make.

The collection is laid out in four parts — Stars, Stripes and Ragas, In Flight, Loving You, and On Angel’s Wings — a total of sixty poems spanning five decades of his lived experiences in his home state of Goa and elsewhere in Europe, North and South America.

He blends beautifully both prose and poetry to create snapshots of his travels, to reflect on love and its myriad nuances, to pay tribute to his family and friends, and to allow the reader an inside look into hospital rooms harboring patients of many diseases. This is indeed a bold poetic adventure the poet has undertaken and printed as a record for posterity.

Antonio evokes his fond memories of Aldona, his mother’s village, and Loutolim, his father’s place, with undisguised pride and sentiment. In The Boys of Aldona he narrates the legend of St Thomas, the patron saint of the church. I could relate to this story as I had visited the church in January 2004 in the company of my younger friend Cecil Pinto, a native of the village.

By far the most poetic flights of fancy and imagination are devoted to the section on love. Here are three samples:

1. From Loving You

When lips touch petals, thorns and leaves,
Run down the bark and curl beneath the stem,
Loving what it tastes: rosemary, sage, lavender.

2. From Back in Time

She walked: a river by my side
I floated: a boat on her bosom
We loved to remake the world
Two indistinguishable shadows
Reflecting on walls of glass as one

3. From A Parting Phone Call

They can’t look into each other’s eyes.
This is a trans-Atlantic phone call.
Words are like bullets —
They make no sense, they sting,
They kill, what little is left.

The title is a tautology implying that the poet’s reflections are as seen in the mirror of his mind, a past remembered. The cover is that of a sail mast sketched by Vamona Navelcar, a distinguished Goan artist and friend of the poet.

Published by Goa 1556, the book (ISBN 978-93-80739-649) is available at major bookstores in Goa and on Amazon.com. It’s priced $19.95 US.

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