New book on Goa’s 440+ birds

birds-of-goa-coverHeinz Lainer — with 35 years of bird watching experience — and Rahul Alvares — snakeman and wildlife photographer — get together to produce this splendid new book on the Birds of Goa for the season of 2013. The beautiful volume is published by the Forest Department, Government of Goa in association with the Goa Foundation.

Birds of Goa is a great combination of science and art. You will find authoritative information on the habitat, population, distribution, migration, breeding status and any other locally relevant data of all the 440+ bird species. It has hundreds of pictures of birds, exquisite, extraordinary, always in action. Never thought so many “feathered friends” have holed up in such a small corner of the planet. In fact, most people will depart this earth without even having seen these beauties.

Paperback edition is priced at Rs. 800. Hardback at Rs.1200. Those who order the book before November 30, 2013, however, will get the paperback at the pre-publication price of Rs.600 and the hardback at Rs.900. Just contact 91+832-2263305 or send an email to and book your copy.

The new book is printed on glossy art paper throughout, in A4 coffee-table book size and has 240 pages. It was printed at Mudra, Pune, which specialises in artwork publications.

If you want to take back a great memory of Goa, besides the cashew nuts and the ocean sprays, nothing better than this exquisite publication. Gift a copy to it to those who wish to keep Goa forever in their hearts.

Based on press release from the publisher.


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