Goa, France, poetry, music… and Dr Manoharrai Sardessai

Dr Edith Noronha Melo Furtado released on Friday a book on the works of “the Goan bard” Dr Manohar Rai Sardessai. See https://www.flickr.com/photos/fn-goa/15548689158/ Below are excerpts from the function, in which she and other speakers explain the significance of the genial writer’s work, Indian writing in French today, and related themes. After the formal function and speeches, there was a rendition of some of the poetry by the late Sorbonne-educated Dr Sardessai already set to music by a range of other composers and musicians. Below:

Prof Edith Melo e Furtado talks about her new book

Dr Maria Aurora Couto flags off some issues and comments

Konkani poet Madhav Borkar, on the work of Manohar Rai Sardessai and the new book

French scholar from the JNU, Prof K Vijayalakshmi Rao, on Indian writing in French

An excerpt from the talk of the Goa University vice chancellor Dr S. Shetye

The Cotta Family Sings (poems of Manoharrai Sardessai): Sobit Amchem Goem (composed by Prof Micael Martins)

The Cotta Family Sings: Padr Jose Vaz (comp: Fr Peter Cardozo)

The Cotta Family Sings: Soiri… composed by Remo Fernandes

The Cotta Family Sings: Jezu bashin (Like Christ)…

The Cotta Family Sings: Gaudo Hanv. Composed by Bhupendra.

The Cotta Family Sings: Panch Vorsam, composed by Remo Fernandes

The Cotta Family Sings: Zayat Zage (Wake Up!) Composed by Ulhas Buyao



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