Purvozamchem Songitanchem Diaz

GBiB: Goa Books in BriefTi: Purvozamchem Songitanchem Diaz
Au: Fr Joaquim Fernandes
Yr: 2011
Pr: Rs100 in Goa
Fo: Paperback
Pu: Fr Joaquim Fernandes, St Rita Chapel, Carona, Aldona, Bardez, Goa Mobile 9765256336
Av: Availability unknown. A hard-to-find book. Might be available via the author, probably  transferred from Carona. Try Golden Heart Emporium (Margao).
Im: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fn-goa/15589003728/

*Purvozamchem Songitanchem Dias* might literally translate to *Our Heritage of Ancestral (or Traditional) Songs*. Its subtitle in English reads, “Goan Traditional and Cultural Songs”. It has been compiled by a priest, Joaquim Fernandes, as his “parting gift” while leaving Corjuem in Aldona.

In its foreword (“don utram”, in Konkani), Fernandes says he was unsure whether the first edition of a thousand copies would sell.  It did.  This edition is the second, published in 2011, and an expanded one at that.

By “Goan traditional”, the compiler is obviously referring to songs that Goans have sung across the ages; not necessarily the ones they created.  In tightly-packed print, there are some 134 Konkani songs, and 193 English “social songs”.

The paper used for printing this book is modest, and this helps keep pricing drastically down for a book of over 200 pages.  In times when the average book gets priced at a rupee-a-page (that too, at the lower end), this one’s price is a steal.  There are only lyrics, no notations or chords.  But still a very useful book.  Wish it was more easily available!

My kids often don’t appreciate the reason why some of our generation often tune in to the local (Panjim) channels of All India Radio, specially FM.  But this songbook too takes us back to the days and times we grew up in.  it’s tough not to search for Al Martino’s Spanish Eyes (1967) on Youtube and remember my mum and her Anglo-Indian friend Marjorie sing such songs in the tough, tough transition times of the Goa of the 1960s!

Every song is a memory (often more than one!), as Gabe Menezes reminds us with his ‘Song of the Day’ posts on Goanet!

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  1. Benjamin fernandes

    can I get one copy of this book

  2. If you write to me at fredericknoronha2 at gmail.com I could try to help out.

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