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FN (Frederick Noronha to some, Rico to others, etc etc) has worked as an independent journalist in Goa, India, since 1994, and prior to that, for a decade, as a journo employee in different newspapers. Since 2007 he has been into publishing, and runs an alternative venture called Goa,1556. As you might have guessed, books have been his long time weakness.



  1. Hello, friends–

    Will Selma Carvalho’s new book be sold in the US? Who publishes it? We’d like to review it in The Internet Review of Books.

    Thank you.

    published in CANADA
    The author has fond memories of his dad’s home in Parra, Bardez. Goa.

    “It amazes me to think that Julian D dared to enter the mind of a child to articulate the everydayness of life from there…and yes, he succeeded rather well in coming up with tit bits of wisdom for ‘children’ of all ages. Our adult-erated world needs to listen and be healed by the voices of innocence.”
    Peter Gonsalves.
    Clothing for Liberation: A Communication Analysis of Gandhi’s Swadeshi

    It is fascinating and exciting to be a part of a group that is in touch with their inner child.
    As a social worker and self publishing author it is our inner child that brings about curiosity and creativity. As a child we played with a number of toys. Now as adults we are no different. We have our tablets, blackberry, readers and laptops. We tell our stories; we share our stories and live by our stories. The book LORDS OF THE LAST BENCHES by Julian D is a collection of short stories that bring us back in touch with our inner child.
    For various reasons we have isolated our inner child (the Lord) to the last benches of our lives. The book helps us peel of the adult layers that obstruct brilliance.
    Welcome on this ongoing journey of discovering the Champion in Us.
    (Visit http://www.joy2all.ca)

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