Reliving Konkani’s greatest hits (a ToI report)

Here’s what the Times of India wrote on the recently-released Francis Rodrigues compiled/authored The Greatest Konkani Song Hits book:

coverkonkanihits by fredericknoronha.
PANAJI: Goans can now sing along with their preferred singers as all time Konkani favourites like Cathrina’, Claudia’, Bandra Festak’, and other hit songs of the yesteryears have been put together in one book.

Original hits of the last 50 years are available, in Konkani, besides some popular Portuguese and Swahili songs too, have been compiled by non resident Goans from Toronto, Canada, Francis Rodrigues. Unavailable music of the likes of Chris Perry, Frank Fernand, M Boyer, Alfred Rose and others is now available – transcribed note-for-note.

The songs include Adeus Korchea Vellar’, Lisboa’, Kampala’, Sacrament Zoddlo’, Mollbailo Dou’, Malaika,’ Maria Isabel,’ Encosta Tua Cabecinha’, Cecilia’, Mogacho Divo’, Proud to be a Goan’, and others. Continue reading